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Besties with the Best Me, Vibes 

Choose Mindful If: 

You’re ready to listen to your intuition. That little quiet voice that wants to guide you along the path of least resistance towards your greatest desires. The voice of your higher self. The voice you have (for some strange reason) been ignoring for far too long. When you choose to be mindful, you choose to connect to the immense intuitive power you already have within. You choose to be present, connected and grateful so that you can be gently guided to exactly what you want. Stay woke my friend. 

  • Tourmalinated Quartz: transmutes negative energy into positive 
  • Moonstone: "Stone of new beginnings", intuition, balances fluctuating energy. 
  • Shungite: Protection from damaging psychic and EMF frequencies

    How crystal bracelets work

    Like all crystals, crystal bracelets work because of their unique natural properties. Their perfect, crystalline structure allows them to affect your energy. Taking it from low frequencies to high vibes. Wearing crystals as bracelets allows you to literally wear your intentions. Keeping you connected to that energy at all times. The more you stay in alignment with the frequency of your intention, the sooner your intention shows up in your life.

    the practice

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