I Am Empowered

I Am Empowered

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5 products

Mindful Motivation Vibes 

Crystal: Apatite

Chakra: Throat 

Energy Type: Amplifies

You Need Apatite If:

You say meaner things to yourself than you’d ever say to your worst enemy. It’s like a Real Housewives reunion special and you’re the only guest. Every time you let one of these half-kidding zingers fly, you’re placing another road block between you and your full potential. These limiting beliefs make it impossible for you to achieve your goals. Whether you’re on a path to improve your health, happiness or circumstances, Apatite amplifies your feelings of confidence and worthiness while eliminating your life-long binge of the negative self-talk that’s been holding you back. 

How Apatite Works: 

You ever see a grandfather clock? The old-timey kind with the pendulum that swings back and forth. Did you know that if you walked into a room filled with grandfather clocks (as creepy as that might be) and disrupted the pendulum of one clock, that all the other clocks would eventually sync up with it? It’s true. It’s called resonant frequency and it’s the same force that gives Apatite its power. The natural frequency of Apatite’s deep blue crystals sync with your throat chakra, your seat of truth and personal growth. The use of Apatite amplifies the energy of your throat chakra allowing you to shed fears, speak your mind and gain confidence to be yourself. This combination of energy is like throwing rocket fuel on your goals...blasting you towards any self-improvement endeavour you choose. 

The Intention:

I love the way I see myself. I believe my ability to grow and change is greater today than ever before. I am beyond grateful that I am becoming my best self right now. 

The Practice: 

With Apatite, as with most crystals, intention is EVERYTHING. To allow Apatite to “do it’s thing”, find a quiet space where you feel safe and secure. Take several deep breaths. Each time you exhale, imagine you’re releasing every single one of the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Get ‘em all out. Even the ones you think are true. Spit them out like the dead-beat, good-for-nothing roommates they are. Feeling lighter? Good. Now, hold your Apatite in your dominant hand and close your eyes. Say to yourself, “I am so grateful for my mind-blowing dedication, determination and motivation that is allowing me to build my perfect life”. Focus on the emotion you’re now feeling. Every time you touch your Apatite, feel these emotions again. Your positive emotions will quickly become the actions you need to bring empowerment into your life.